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In the last years we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the production of precision pyrotechnics. During this time, we have spend much attention to the conversion of production and quality assurance to the latest European standards. So we can offer type-tested products according to CE standard in the categories T1 and T2 and F4. We paid  much attention to the performance parameters and the elegance of the effects. Fireworks thrives on the diversity. That is why we offer a selection of colors and color combinations, which is unparalleled. With our products we want to give the professional who prefers quality instead of quantity value effects into their own hands, which convince in color brilliance, height and duration. All items in this price list, with the exception of flash bombs, have a T-approval and CE-type examination of the BAM. The advantages are the high operational reliability and reduced safety margins. Our T1 mines and mines with comets needs only a radial safety distance of 16 m. The strong light comets need only 8 m. In order for these products are ideal for shows where little space is available. In the future, we will expand our product range further in this direction, to help you to provide impressive effects even in tight spaces.
Of course, all products are produced by BAVARIA FIREWORKS.


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D 83346 Bergen

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